Trick Daddy DEFENDS JT Throwing Her Phone At Lil Uzi Vert

Tiffany Brockworth |

JT went viral for throwing her phone and verbally abusing her boyfriend, Lil Uzi Vert, at the BET Awards over the weekend.

Florida rapper is speaking out in defense of JT.

“When I go live, you know I got some sh-t to say. Now, let me explain something to you n-ggas. If you not from Miami, if you not from the state of Florida, leave our Miami and Florida bitches alone if you don’t understand them. All y’all bitches got something to say about JT, ‘Oh, she was ratchet. Too ghetto.’ That’s what you get when you f-ck with a Miami bitch,” he said.

“I actually thought she represented. I heard some n-ggas was over there, some fuddy-dutty and all that sh-t talking about what they was gon’ do to her. Y’all ain’t gon’ f-ck with my homegirl. That’s my homegirl, man. That’s how Miami bitches react. That’s how they behave. That’s how we raised them. What y’all expect out of her? She aint’ do sh-t wrong. Now, if you seen my mama cut up, you’d be like, ‘That was a little absurd.’ But, JT did what a typical Miami bitch would do to a Miami n-gga and definitely a n-gga that aint from Miami.”

Trick Daddy emphasized they are still together.

“They will throw anything at your ass and f-ck your ass up. The good part about it, they still together. They left together. So who gives a f-ck about what you po, can’t-keep-n-gga-ass gotta say.”

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