Trick Daddy BLASTS Women Over Stocking Caps!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Trick Daddy trended online after he went on a social media rant, calling women out for buying all of the stocking caps…leaving none for him.

“I goes to the store to get products and supplies that a man supposed to buy and y’all using all the goddamn stocking caps on them wigs. Now I ain’t got no f-cking stocking caps. cY’all gotta figure out another way to put them wigs on and leave them stocking caps alone. There’s a man on the stocking cap thing. Why y’all using the muthaf-ckin’ stocking caps on the muthaf-ckin’ wigs?” he said.

The rapper continued, “Find another way to do it, man. I’m sick of this sh-t. Leave the f-ckin’ stocking caps alone. Shop in the woman’s aisle. Leave the f-ckin caps alone.”

Viewers sounded off in the comments section:

“Boy. If you don’t go order 75 for $3.99 on Amazon and leave then people alone,” one viewer wrote.

Another wrote, “We don’t buy the black ones, bookie… we buy nude. So blame somebody else.”

Is Trick Daddy trippin’?

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