Travis Scott & Live Nation Reach Settlement With Third Family In Astroworld Festival Lawsuit

Tiffany Brockworth |

According to a new report, Travis Scoot and Line Nation have reached a settlement with the family of John Hilgert, a 14-year-old who died from the crowd surge at the 2021 Astroworld Festival.

Rolling Stone reports that Hilgert’s family is the third to settle their Astroworld lawsuit outside of court.

A grand jury in Texas declined to indict the rapper.

Earlier this week, the rapper talked about the success of ASTROWORLD.

“I didn’t know how it was gonna be perceived… Afterward, I remember I had a listening party and I was like, ‘D-mn.’ It was me listening to it, like, for the first time with everybody. It just felt real. At [that] moment with Lollapalooza, I was just like, I think people could understand what I’m trying to do musically. This album was kinda like what people really f-cked with. This [was] the album that people understand. It’s kinda crazy,” he told RapCaviar.

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