Trap Lore Ross Responds To Boosie:

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British filmmaker Trap Lore Ross who received backlash for King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer Youtube documentary spoke about the negativity he received from rapper Boosie.

In the documentary, TLR alleged Von had killed at least 7 people…but as many as 11. Boosie previously blasted him for the film.

“Youtube, and all these people who think they know what they’re talking about, don’t actually know what the f-ck is going on,” Boosie told Vlad. “I be looking at this sh-t on YouTube like, y’all be totally wrong. Y’all motherf-ckers, you’re guessing. If you’re not inside their clique total, you don’t know.”

TMZ asked TLR about Boosie’s remarks. He responded:

“[If] Boosie watches the rest of the documentary—he said he only got like 30 minutes in, right?—I feel like maybe if he checks the whole thing out … I don’t know, let’s see how he feels,” he said. “I think Vlad did say he hadn’t seen the documentary yet, and once again, I think if you watch all the documentary, I think you would understand … ’cause I guess Boosie’s kinda coloring Vlad’s response, in the sense that Boosie’s saying it’s all cap and Vlad’s kinda like, ‘ah yeah, it’s all cap.'”

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