Transgender Woman Claims That She Had Relations w/ Ray J & Trey Songz . . . ‘They Didn’t Know’!!

Some EXPLOSIVE claims are being made on the popular app Clubhouse. Media Take Out learned that a beautiful transgender model is claiming that she has had relationships with some of the most famous men in the world – without disclosing her trans status.

The trans-lady claims that the men never knew that she was born with male body parts, because she underwent a surgical treatment that altered her body to make them accessible (if you get what we mean).

The trans woman, whose name is Shayla, explained that she had relationships with Ray J and Trey Songz – on different occasions. She says that both men were unaware that she was transgender, because she had vaginoplasty surgery.

Ray J

Vaginoplasty is the construction of a v*g*na. The scrotal tissue is used to create the labia majora, the glans of the p*nis is used to create a clitoris and penile shaft tissue and scrotal grafts are used to create the inner vaginal walls. The urethra is shortened and the opening positioned in the typical-female location.

The result gives transgenders more feminine looking genitalea.

Neither Trey Songz nor Ray J have responded to the claims made by the woman.

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