Tory-Megan Trial BLOCKBUSTER: Officer Who Interviewed Megan FIRED … ’Botched’ Investigation

The Tory Lanez trial was just hit with a BLOCKBUSTER – which makes it all but certain that Tory will likely NOT be convicted of shooting his ex-girlfriend Megan Thee Stallion.

Tory Lanez

Media Take Out learned that the star witness against Tory, a police officer who claims that Meg told him that Tory shot her, has been “relieved of duty” and is no longer a police officer, according to sources close to the case.

The star witness in the case against Tory, LAPD Det. Ryan Stogner – is no longer a police officer. Sgt Stogner was the star witness in Tory’s indictment. He took the stand in court and testified, under oath, that Megan told him Tory was intoxicated during the July 2020 incident – and shot her.

Well now Media Take Out confirmed that Ryan Stogner has been FIRED from the police force, and his entire credibility is called into question. In court, the judge revealed that the former officer was fired because of an alleged domestic violence allegation.

Prosecutors are now SCRAMBLING to get the case back on track. The lead prosecutor told the judge that they will NO LONGER be calling him to the stand during trial, Media Take Out confirmed.

And the news gets WORSE for Megan. Tory Lanez’ attorneys are saying that they plan on calling the disgraced former officer to trial. Their new defense theory is that the alleged abuser “botched the case.”

Here are the receipts.

So why is Sgt Stogner’s testimony so important? Well as Media Take Out reported, Megan initially told police officers that Tory DID NOT shoot her.

According to the disgraced former Sgt Stogner, Megan (after initially saying that Tory didn’t shoot her) allegedly admitted to him – and him alone – that Tory DID IN FACT shoot her. He was set to testify to this in trial.

Now that Sgt Stogner is not a part of the prosecution’s case … it looks like the entire case could FALL APART!!

Megan was reportedly very intoxicated at the time of the shooting, and her recollection of the events of the night will likely be challenged by Tory’s attorneys if she takes the stand.

Sgt Stogner’s testimony – of what Megan told him just minutes after the alleged shooting – would have been INFINITELY more damaging to Tory, that Megan’s testimony – which may not be deemed reliable because of her intoxication. Now it’s not clear that it will even be introduced at trial.

The officer claims that he spoke with Megan privately, after she initially told police that Tory did not shoot her. The officer stated that Meg told him that Tory was standing on the step board of their SUV while Megan was outside of it — and as soon as Tory fired the shots, she “immediately felt pain to her feet, observed blood, fell to the ground, and then crawled to an adjacent driveway of a residence.”

He also said under oath that Megan told him Tory apologized and begged her not to tell, allegedly offering her money to keep her mouth shut because he was on probation. Det. Stogner said, Megan initially explained her injury by claiming she’d stepped on broken glass.

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