Tory Lanez’s Former Attorney Denies Firing Reports

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Tory Lanez’s former trial attorney, George Mgdesyan, has denied reports that he was fired after the verdict of the trial.

“I did not get fired. I’m still friends with them,” he said, adding that the decision to part ways with Lanez was “mutual.”

“I met with Tory’s dad. I went and visited Tory, so I wanted to be very clear because I know there are people who are reporting facts that are not true,” he said. “I’m a trial lawyer. I don’t have time for appeals,” he added. “I’m in court every day. I try probably five to seven cases a year, so it’s a lot of trial work, court work.”

A recent report in Rolling Stone claims that Lanez felt “misled” by Mgdesyan after the attorney told him not to take the stand in his defense.

“It’s not like I’m washing my hands and we’re not part of the team anymore, I’m just not going to be doing the day to day,” Lanez’s former attorney contined. “The decision was made to hire somebody who works with the appeal lawyer, but I’m still helping to see what I could do to help the defense.”

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