Tory Lanez Speaks About Being Blackballed After Alleged Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

In a sitdown with DJ Aademiks, Tory Lanez spoke about what it was like to be blackballed after his alleged Megan Thee Stallion shooting.

“It’s a bitter sweet thing. It hurt my heart when I put out albums like Alone At Prom and see the first week they only do 17K. But it makes my heart fill with joy when I look back at that album and see that without any playlisting, it has 170 million streams on it,” he told Ak.

Last week, Ak blamed Ebro for blackballing artists and most recently, for DaBaby’s album flopping.

“Y’all artist who don’t get love at Apple music…its Ebro. I seen executive fumin cuz he blocking their artists cuz of personal vendetta…N-gga got a ego…if he don’t fw u or what u stand for…Apple Music especially hip-hop apple music won’t fw u. He the global head of dat sh-t,” he tweeted.

“Ebro will never address me without admitting he was a fake ass n-gga..who tried to politic me out the game..cuz I fw a n-gga u wont fwit..u wasn’t dealin with with me at first..but now u got all the energy. Nah n-gga admit that then we can talk. I don’t talk bout u. Opposite.”

Ebro denied the claims.

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