Tory Lanez Plans To Call Jay Z And Possibly BEYONCE To The STAND… Alleging ‘Illuminati Conspiracy’!

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The Tory Lanez & Meg Thee Stallion case is going into full gear. Today, Megan is set to testify against Tory in open court – and we expect BOMBSHELLS.

And Media Take Out spoke with a person close to Tory’s defense team and they dropped an even BIGGER BOMBSHELL.

We’re told that Tory’s defense plans on claiming the he didn’t shoot Megan. Tory’s team will argue in court that it was Meg’s former best friend, Kayla, who pulled the trigger. And there’s more.

Tory’s legal team will claim that the reason why Meg is blaming Tory, and not her former friend for the shooting is because they claim Meg’s team at Roc Nation convinced her to blame Tory for the shooting, so that she can get “sympathy from her Black female fans.”

The person explained, “Tory’s [legal team] will argue that Meg came up with the story that Tory shot her, after speaking with her people at Roc Nation, including Jay Z.”

And now for the REAL KICKER. The insider told us that Tory’s team is even planning on possibly calling Roc Nation head, Jay Z, to testify in the case and grill him over what he and Meg discussed about the incident.

Media Take Out confirmed that, while Jay Z’s name is not included on Tory Lanez’s witness list – his lawyers informed the judge that they plan on calling “rebuttal witnesses” who are not listed, after the prosecution rests its case.

The insider added, “I think there are some illuminati ties to the way this whole thing went down. It feels like they’re trying to sacrifice Tory.”

Sounds like a bit of a stretch for us …. but we’re here for the f**kery at trial, as long as the truth comes out.

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