EXCLUSIVE: Tory Lanez Friends Believe He’s Expecting A NEW BABY w/ Iggy Azalea!!

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Tory Lanez may have lost BIG TIME on Friday, but he still has a lot to be thankful for. Media Take Out spoke to a person close to Tory who told us that he believes the rapper is expecting child with his girlfriend, female hip hop sensation Iggy Azalea.

Tory Lanez

Back in September, Media Take Out spoke with one of Iggy’s friend’s who believed that she was pregnant. Since that report (SEE HERE) Iggy has been noticeably absent from the public eye, and has not been posting update pics on social media.

Yesterday we spoke to one of Tory’s friends – and he added to the speculation that Tory and Iggy may be expecting.

When asked what Tory’s state of mind is – after being convicted of shooting Meg Thee Stallion, the rapper’s pal told Media Take Out, “Tory is staying strong. He’s going to appeal the decision, and justice will be served.”

Then Tory’s friend dropped a BOMBSHELL. He explained, “Tory has a lot to fight for. He has a family that loves him, and a child on the way.”

The friend would NOT confirm whether the child is by his longtime girlfriend Iggy Azalea – but he would not deny it either.

Tory and Iggy have been dating for almost 9 months, Media Take Out has reported. The couple is believed to have first started hooking up back in March, when Tory was living in Miami. Over the next few months, Tory was a fixture at Iggy’s concerts – and was even spotted out in August wearing a t-shirt from Iggy’s tour.

We wonder if Iggy and Meg are going to be doing any collabs together in the future …

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