Tory Lanez Allegedly Called Reporter Meghann Cuniff A “Googly Eyed B*tch” In Court!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Journalist Meghann Cuniff claims Tory Lanez insulted her in the courtroom during his bail hearing.

“I didn’t hear it and I’m still working to see if transcript has it, but I’ve confirmed Tory Lanez chose to use his final courtroom moments to profanely insult me, calling me “a googly eyed bitch” as he looked at gallery. Conflicting reports on whether he named me. A fitting end,” she wrote on X.

Lanez’s team had requested the rapper be let out on bail as he appeals his sentence but the judge denied the motion.

“Tory Lanez is officially headed to prison. “The motion will be denied and proceedings concluded. Thank you,” Judge Herriford said. Lanez grinned at his supporters, including his father and friends from the Unite the People legal services group, before being led out,” Cuniff wrote.

Lanez has spoken out about Cuniff in the past as he believes her coverage of him has been heavily biased.

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