Too $hort Says Older Generations Need To Stop Hating On Young Rappers

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Rapper Too $hort says it makes no sense for the older generation of rappers to hate on the young ones.

“If you a OG and you lookin’ at these youngsters slide in the game, they got hit records. You see it and you goin’, ‘That sh-t is trash.’ How is it trash if this n-gga makin’ all this money, and all these people like what he’s doin’? How is that trash? Cause when I was a young n-gga, they said it was trash and I knew what the value of it was and I knew people loved it,” he said.

He added, “You just hatin’ on em cause it’s different than what you did. You hatin’ cause you saying he ain’t spitting bars. I talk to the young homies and they say he spittin’ bars!”

Too $hort then used Young Thug as an example. Is he right? Should the older generation of rap give the new age rappers a chance?

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