Tony Yayo Speaks Following PnB Rock’s Killing

Tony Yayo issued a warning to all rappers after the recent killing of PnB Rock.

“When you really think about it, every rapper is a target,” said Yayo.“You a target. I mean I came up with 50 Cent so it was different because he was a target before he blew. He got shot nine f-cking times. We was riding around in the burgundy mini-van with no AC…like to this day I don’t walk to my car fast or nothing because, yo bro, nobody is exempt from nothing. You ain’t see the feds run up in Trump’s crib? That should tell you anybody can get it.”

He continued: “You know being around G-Unit there was a lot of stick-up n-ggas around us I ain’t gonna lie to you. So I seen the way they move and these n-ggas be hungry. So now a n-gga know in New York, know what a Richard Millie is, they know what an AP is. They know that that shit could change their life.”

Yayo says that while he likes jewelry, knowing when to wear it and when to take it off is crucial.

He added: “That’s just how the game go, when you a rapper you a target. Rest in peace to PnB Rock. I hate to see n-ggas go down in their neighborhood. I don’t wanna glorify this sh-t, you know? But my first Jacob watch, Fif told me beware a n-gga will blow your head off for that.”

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