Tony Yayo Says A Lot Of Steet Rappers Are ‘Damaged’

Lyndon Abioye |

Tony Yayo says a lot of street rappers are damaged because of what they’ve lived and what they witnessed growing up.

“Listen, 50 didn’t know who his father was, and his moms was in the streets, and she got killed. There’s no parents there. Your grandparents are older. You’re damaged, bro. You was outside, the streets taught n-ggas. A lot of shootings you see, you see an 18-year-old kid stab his 16-year-old girlfriend somewhere in New York because he thought she was cheating,” he told Vlad TV.

Yayo says that even with help, some people will never change.

“Muthaf-ckas be damaged, bro. It’s what they see. It’s what they see from parents. It’s f-cked up for certain places. Sometimes you want to help and try to fix people. Your mans say he do sh-t for the youth. That’s real s-it. ‘Cause that’s where it starts at, trying to help them, but some people can’t be helped. They just f-cking bad seeds, bruh.”

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