Tony Yayo Recalls Moments After 50 Cent Was Shot 9 Times!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Tony Yayo recalled the moments after 50 Cent was shot nine times and says the G-Unit boss would not allow him to visit him in the hospital.

“They was like, ‘You next, Yayo, they gon’ kill you!’ And 50’s still shot up. I’m like, ‘Damn, I’mma die? N-ggas gonna kill me out here.’ I gotta move safe, right?” Yayo told Mike Tyson.

He continued: “But 50 was always a thinker, right? Because when he was in the hospital, he didn’t want me to see him shot the fuck up, all banged up, you know? But I’m like, ‘Yo, why you didn’t want me to see you?’ And the n-gga was like, ‘Because it will f-ck with your mental. It would have made you scared seein’ me f-cked up like that.'”

Fif was shot nine times in 2000 by a “low-level” drug dealer. He was shot in his hand, arm, hip, legs, chest, and face, resulting in a permanently partly visible hole in his face.

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