Tony Yayo Explains Why Fugees Rapper Pras Is A ‘Hater’

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In 2010 Wyclef ran for president in Haiti but Fugees member Pras did not support him…he backed the opposition.

“That’s some hater sh-t right there, damn. If we in the same group together, how you gonna go with the other guy? That sounds like some hater shit to me. The Fugees was definitely a classic group. But you know, it was always about Lauryn and Clef. So Pras, they looked out for you, so to shit on Clef like that is crazy,” said Yayo.

Pras instead endorsed Michel Martelly.

Pras had previously explained why didn’t endorse Wyclef. Pras said he had no idea Wyclef was running.

“I never thought, you know, Wyclef would be running for president. So obviously when I talked to Michel – this was back in February of 2010, so that’s, like, basically a month after the earthquake,” Pras told NPR back in 2015. “And we were just working for months before the registration was in August of 2010. So, you know, when I found out Clef was running I felt, like, a little blindsided. But I mean, he’s a grown man, right? It’s a free country. He can do whatever he wants, but we never communicated. So at that point, I was already deep in with Michel. Plus, I didn’t really think that Wyclef would’ve made a good president anyway.”

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