Tony Yayo Argues Biggie Smalls Is Better Than Ice Cube!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Tony Yayo headed to Drink Champs where he got into a debate with DJ EFN over which of these two rappers is the better lyricist…Biggie Smalls or Ice Cube.

DJ EFN said Ice Cube was better but Yayo sided with late Brooklyn rapper, Biggie.

“This is why I hate this industry sh-t,” Tony Yayo said. “So you telling me Ice Cube is a better storyteller than Biggie? You f-cking buggin. You lost your f-cking mind. Ice Cube is better than Biggie as a storyteller? You f-cking buggin n-gga. You lost your f-cking mind.”

EFN argued that as he’s from the West Coast too, he leans toward Cube and that Biggie is in his Top 5 list of rappers.

Yayo then asked whether Ice Cube had better rap verses than Biggie or if he was a better storyteller than Big. EFN said “yes” to both before Yayo then reeled off Notorious B.I.G.’s “N-ggas Bleed,” EFN then claimed Cube’s “No Vaseline” diss track would “obliterate>

The debate got heated.

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