Tommie From Love & Hip Hop EXPOSES Tamar Braxton’s Boyfriend … How Embarrassing!

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Tamar Braxton and Tommie Lee are fighting, over Tamar’s man – Atlanta attorney Jeremy “J.R.” Robinson. And for all you Love & Hip Hop fans, you know it’s not a good idea to get into the mud with Tommie.

Media Take Out learned that Tommie is exposing the heck out of Tamar’s man – claiming that she used the White lawyer for his money, then made him eat her groceries, before kicking him out.

During her recent show, Tamar Braxton gave a shout-out to her man Jeremy “J.R.” Robinson and shared how she was not going to let him go that easy following their messy breakup.

Media Take Out first reported that Tamar and her ex-fiancé JR, are back together after splitting in October. The duo was last seen attending the Atlanta Falcons game against the New Orleans Saints game on Nov. 26. Braxton previously admitted she was “hurt” and “surprised” when Robinson called it quits and stated he just wanted to “focus on getting back to positive energy.”

The couple reunited a week after JR was spotted with “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tommie Lee at a basketball game.

Speaking on their reunion following her online drama with the reality star, Braxton said to the crowd during her tour, “That’s why I had to get my man back y’all. And I know y’all lying if y’all thought I was gonna let my man go ‘cause he took some crackhead to a basketball game. While we was broke up…no ma’am!”


Well Tommie got upset about being called a crackhead and so she went in on JR, explaining how she took his money, and then made the White gentleman eat her groceries.

Tommie claims that she did JR dirty as payback “for the slaves” that JR’s ancestors mistreated.


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