Tom Brady REGRETS Netflix Roast

Lyndon Abioye |

Tom Brady says he will never do a Netflix roast again because some of the savage jokes affected his children.

Brady’s divorce from Gisele Bündchen was the focus of the majority of the jones against him.

Brady has one son with Bridget Moynahan and a son and a daughter with ex-wife Gisele. 

“I liked when the jokes were about me. I thought they were so fun. I didn’t like the way they affected my kids,” Brady said on The Pivot podcast.

“It’s the hardest part about…like the bittersweet aspect of when you do something that you think is one way and then all of a sudden you realize I wouldn’t do that again because of the way that it affected actually the people that I care about the most in the world.”

“It makes you in some ways a better parent going through it. Sometimes you’re naive. You don’t know. When I signed up for that…I love when people are making fun of me. I always said when I was going through the Deflategate stuff that I watched three things on TV: Premiere League soccer, golf and comedy shows,” he continued. “Every time I turned on SportsCenter it was like, are you fucking kidding me? I just want to laugh. I wanted to do the roast because Jeff Ross became somebody I knew. But you don’t see the full picture all the time.”

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