Tokyo Toni Claims Blac Chyna Is In The Illuminati: She’s A DEMON!!

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Tokyo Toni has been ranting about her daughter Blac Chyna on social media…alleging Chyna is a member of the illuminati.

“When the Illuminati come for Angela, ‘cuz they gon’ come, there’s nothing I can do. I don’t ever want to go around my daughter again, not alone. Not without two pistols, and a pitbull,” she claimed in one post.

When the post went viral. people were shocked that Toni would say such hurtful things about her own daughter. But Tokyo didn’t stop there.

“People that hate you, wanna see you do bad. Just whatever, just weirdos. These demons, though,” she said. “Man, to know your f-cking kid is a demon? She a demon. And I still be helping this b-tch. When am I gon’ chill, bro? This b-tchh gon’ be the death of you. I gotta let her go,” she continued.

Blac Chyna has spoken out in the past about the difficult relationship with her mother.

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