TikTok Scammer Ashley Grayson Found GUILTY Of M*RDER FOR HIRE!

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Ashley Grayson is a TikTok content creator and entrepreneur who became widely known after claiming to have made $1 million within 40 minutes through her online platform, Digital Course Recipe.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, she labeled herself a #MillionaireMentor and had become an inspiration for many young Black girls online. However, several TikTok users accused Grayson of scamming people through her online courses last year.

Now she’s going to spend the rest of her life in prison,.

Multiple people, including a women named Derrick Harwell accused Ashley of scamming her out of money. When Ashley blasted Derrick, the woman sued Ashley.

And it led to Ashley trying to have Derricka k*lled.

On April 4, 2023 Ashley Massengill Grayson petitioned the United States District Court in Oxford Mississippi to dismiss a defamation lawsuit brought by Derricka Harwell. In the court documents. FBI agents later informed Derricka that “on or around” September 26, 2022, the influencer had attempted to hire a contract k**ler i.e. a hitman to k*ll her.

Ashley Grayson and her husband Joshua Grayson were formally charged in connection to the murder-for-hire plot that the two allegedly hatched.

Yesterday the two were convicted of racketeering and m*rder under the RICO Act of 1970 and the expectation from many is that the pair will end up spending time behind bars.

The RICO statute provide for criminal penalties including 20 years of prison, but the financial penalties are severe. A person convicted can face a fine of either $250,000 or double the amount of proceeds earned from illicit activity.

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