Tia Kemp DRAGS Rick Ross For Celebrating Last Child Support Payment!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Rick Ross’ baby mother Tia Kemp hopped online to drag him after he celebrated the end of his child support payments to her online.

“What would you rather celebrate, Father’s Day or the date of your last child support payment?” Rozay said in the clip. “Or, what if your last child support payment was on Father’s Day weekend? That’s what you call divine divinity.”

Tia saw Rozay’s celebration and took to her social media to roast the rapper.

“You stupid, silly motherf-cker. Who the f-ck gave a f-ck about your cild-support payments, b-tch? And if I want some more, I’ll take my ass over to family court and get some while he’s going to college,” she said.

Tia accused the rapper of taking the diabetic medicine Ozempic, claiming she saw the evidence in his fridge.

Tia added, “B-tch, you ain’t worthy for me sitting in the system and going back-and-forth to court to drag your big, fat f-cking Ozempic-taking ass down for a little something, bitch, I’m making that sh-t per show.”

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