Tia Kemp Drags Cristina Mackey Dancing To BossMan Dlow’s Song

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Rock Ross’ baby mama Tia Kemp went off on the rapper’s ex, Cristina Mackey after she posted a video of her dancing to BossMan Dlow’s song.

Tia and Cristina’s beef started during the fitness influencer’s relationship with the MMG boss after Cristina took aim at Rozay’s exes.

“Stop comparing me to people, bro,” Tia says on livestream. “Girl, if you don’t stop bouncing to my motherf-ckin’ beat…”

Dlow and Tia also exchanged words after Dlow claimed she had been DMing him…but Tia says he asked her to be in one of his music videos.

Tia mocked Cristina’s forehead…calling it “unproportionate.

Tia added, “It’s my motherf-ckin’ motion right now. You have none. You have none. I gave you a big back b-tch that you thought you could keep. You don’t look like me,” she said. “You don’t. If I had 15 daughters right now, none of them would come out with a f-cking forehead that’s unproportionate.”

Watch the clip above.

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