Tia Kemp Claims Rick Ross Is Hiding A Baby Who Looks Like Drake!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Tia Kemp is still putting her baby daddy Rick Ross’ business out on front street, this time she says the Florida rapper has a secret baby.

“You oughta rap about your muthaf-ckin children you around here hiding,” she said. “I want to see my stepson that look like Drake.”

Rick Ross seemingly fired shots her way on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Everyday Hustle.” She has been dragging him on social media since he started dating Cristina Mackey.

Rozay is no longer dating Cristina but Tia is still going at him.

“Baby momma still the biggest opp/ Team of shooters just to keep it locked,” Rozay rapped.

“I wish a b-tch would try me. Two old dusties on there lying…put both of they children together they got two football teams. Him and Future need to sit they old as-es down somewhere…You don’t want to f-ck with Tia. They don’t want to f-ck with me,” she said in response.

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