Was Tyre Nichols SLEEPING w/ Memphis Officer’s BABY MAMA … Here’s What WE KNOW!!

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Black Twitter is running with a salacious rumor, surrounding the police murder of Tyre Nichols – an innocent Black man. According to thousands of tweets, and Instagram posts, there is a belief that Tyre Nichols may have been carrying on an affair with the wife of one of the Memphis police officers accused of attacking him.

According to the rumor, Tyre worked at FedEx and was allegedly carrying on a romantic relationship with the babys mother of officer Demetrrius Halys who also reportedly worked at FedEx.

The rumor also says that officer Demetrius took pictures of Tyre – as he was being attacked – and sent them to his babys mother.

The rumor seems plausible – on its face – given how the attack on Tyre looked personal in nature.

Here’s one of the many reports.

Media Take Out looked into this rumor, to determine whether there was any truth to it, at all.

While Media Take Out confirmed that Tyre Nichols did work at FedEx, we were not able to find any woman who worked at the FedEx plant where Tyre worked – who was related to any of the officers.

But more importantly, Tyre’s parents have spoken out – and are claiming that there is ZERO truth to the rumor. They claim that Tyre was NOT dating one of the officer’s wives.

Here’s what a family spokesperson said.

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