The No Jumper Podcast CHAOS: Adam Fires Lush LIVE on Air … Co-Host AD Unhappy Over ‘Racist’ Show!

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One of the most popular hip hop podcasts in the world is coming under fire. Media Take Out learn that yesterday, during taping of the No Jumper podcast, the show’s founder Adam22 fired one of his hosts, Lush, live on air.

And there’s a brewing racial scandal surrounding the hip hop podcast, which is owned by Adam – who is White.

It all started last week, when Adam22 invited Richard Spencer, a right wing political troll who has been accused of racism and white supremacy, onto his show for a discussion, Media Take Out has learned.

Adam’s main co-host AD, who is African American, told Adam that he was uncomfortable with bringing a suspected racist onto a hip hop platform.

According to AD, Adam didn’t like being challenged and demoted the African American star podcaster. AD was asked to leave the Tuesday show, one of the most popular podcasts of the week.


Then the racial tensions on the set got even crazier, when Adam openly fired his top Latino podcast host. And he did it live on the air.

After demoting AD, Adam tried to replace the African American podcaster for the Tuesday show and he added a different podcaster, a Latino personality named Lush.

But yesterday, Adam walked into the show, and fired Lush live on the air.

Adam claimed that the firing is because Lush leaked a private conversation that the two men had onto the No Jumper Discord.. Lush denies the accusations, Media Take Out confirmed.


As of this morning, the No Dumper podcast is in a complete upheaval – with some suggesting that this may be the end of the podcast series forever.

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