The MESSIEST Breakup In Youtube Influencer History … Mrs LaTruth Files For Divorce On YOUTUBE!!

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Popular Instagram couple LaTruth, (American rapper, real name Robert Hampton) and his wife MrsLaTruth (Real name Brianna Hampton) are going through what Media Take Out is calling the messiest breakup in Youtube influencer history.

The couple is one of the more popular “aspirational” couples on social media. Mrs LaTruth, was born in the United Kingdom and later immigrated to the United States as a child with her family, lives an opulent lifestyle and enjoys attending social events.

She attended an Ivy League school before getting married to her husband LaTruth.

Well Mrs LaTruth aired out her husband, and then showed off her divorce paperwork on YouTube. She went on a nearly 45 minute tirade, where she called out her husband for abusing her, having a teeny weeny teeny, and being broke.

Mrs LaTruth also said she plans on serving him with the divorce via Youtube.

We’re not sure that’s how it’s done … but we’re here for the messiness.

Robert Hampton aka LaTruth has recorded 11 albums, and released 5 music projects selling more than 300,000 units being an independent artist. He has expanded his entertainment to take a 5 year break from his music to put his energy into acting. During this journey he has increased his social media fan-base from 200k to now over 10 million followers on all social media platforms combined. LaTruth’s most recent music project / single titled “Don’t Disrespect” ft the legend Snoop Dogg and Kz is doing amazing numbers in downloads & streams and has been featured in several music blogs across the country.

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