Lamborghini That Moneybagg Yo ‘Bought’ Ari Fletcher For Birthday . . . Is Getting REPOSSESSED!! (Details)

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Moneybagg Yo’s ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher is getting sued by an auto company, who claims that they are in the process of repossessing her Lamborghini truck, Media Take Out has learned.

The problem is that truck was “bought” and given to her by her estranged bae, rapper Moneybagg Yo.

Ari went on Instagram two years ago, to brag to her fans and followers that Moneybagg bought her a brand new Lambo truck. She posted all kinds of pics with the truck, and told fans that her man “bought” the truck for her.

As a return gift, on Moneybagg Yo’s next birthday, Media Take Out confirmed that Ari bought the rapper nearly 29 acres of land. She paid for the land in cash (nearly $700,000) and put his name solely on the deed.

Well as Media Take Out told you yesterday, Moneybagg broke things off with Ari. Since the split, the rapper has reportedly stopped making payments on the $350,000 truck – and now Ari is being sued by the leasing company.

In legal documents, obtained by Media Take Out, the leasing company is claiming non-payment suing Ari for the balance owed on the vehicle. According to the court documents, the leasing company is saying that Ari needs to come up with the rest of the money for the vehicle immediately, or they will repossess the car from her.


While all this is going on, Media Take Out has confirmed that rapper Moneybagg Yo has moved on – and is dating another woman. It does not appear that he plans on making any other payments on the vehicle.

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