The Game Threatens Wack 100 & Suge Knight!!

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The Game has had enough of Wack 100 and hopped on Instagram to threaten his manager and Suge Knight, who is currently behind bars.

“2002-2016 the release & return. Suge Knight u can’t give me no advice. You accomplished failure. U own no mastered no real estate of real value. Only thing u can own is ur stupidity,” Wack wrote on Instagram.

Wack then hinted that Suge’s son is not really his son.

In the caption, he added: “1991-1997 What was gained was ‘ALL’ loss. Freedom , wealth & some peoples life…. I suggest u keep my name out ya mouth before I start to talk about who’s ‘Jr.’ that really is …. You’ve been warned.”

The Game hopped into Wack’s comments section…and followers were surprised to see him threaten Wack with violence.

“I’ll take the head up fade with both you n-ggas on sight,” he wrote.

Suge Knight’s son also responded to Wack’s post: “Just get to work instead of bullsh-t. I’m all about moving up the right way. Exploitation isn’t the only way to make it and you don’t have to talk down on anyone to move up. Stop talking and work on something respectable #OKE.”

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