The Game Speaks About Not Getting Paid For Time With G-Unit

Tiffany Brockworth |

In a recent interview, The Game says he had to leave G-Unit to make any real money because during his time with the group…only 50 Cent got rich.

“I appreciated the step up on the ladder. I always felt like if I didn’t sign – I mean, I didn’t sign with G-Unit. I was never signed to G-Unit. But I always felt like if I never got put in G-Unit or Dr. Dre never signed me to Aftermath, I would still be sitting here talking to you with the same track record. Because I’m the type of n-gga if I put my mind to something and I say this is what I want to do, that is just simply what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna achieve it. So it was cool being in G-Unit but then it wasn’t because I felt like we was just in it. I felt like 50 was making the money and we was just in G-Unit. Which is cool because I mean, I’m saying, he’s 50; but I wanted to get some bread. I definitely wanted to just be a solo artist and get to it. And I appreciated the pit stop but I don’t think that I needed G-Unit to be Game,” he said.

The Game was made a member of G-Unit in late 2003 in an effort to promote him after he was signed to Aftermath/Interscope, but he was removed from the group after several months.

He continued: “And G-Unit was dope and 50 was dope and that experience was dope but I just don’t feel like I ever really fit or that it was just me because I’m not the solider type. I felt like I was my own boss and I’m a king in my own right and so I needed to stand on my own two.”

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