The Game Says He’s Looking For A Wife

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Rapper The Game says he’s looking for a wife and wants to get married in 2023.

“I’m putting a ring on it this year all you gotta do is show up for me like I show up for you & pick a date,” The Game wrote on Instagram Live.

After The Shade Room reposted the comments, some users clowned the rapper over his past history.

“Not taking a n-gga 40+ seriously with a heart shaped cut 😭,” one follower wrote.

“This what happens when you lose your family be for the streets and now you old and wanna settle down 😂,” another wrote.

Another wrote, “but men play over women their whole lives just to end up like this.”

The Game reads the comments and hopped into the section to clap back:

“The opinions of people who have never met a person in real life be wild,” he wrote. “It’s usually always people who do not like what they see in the mirror. It’s the Lord’s day… let’s rejoice in his name & be what we said we were going to be this year. Stop acting like somebody stole your Amazon package & be happy we were blessed with another day of life today.”

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