The Game Says He Was Paid $1M To Stop Saying ‘G-Unot’

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The Game says that he was paid $1 million to stop saying “G-Unot” early on in his beef with 50 Cent.

“Lotta people don’t know this. 50 [Cent] and Jimmy Iovine gave me a million dollars to stop saying G-Unot. They wrote me a check, they bought it. I had to trademark the G-Unot. And you remember when I was going around with the rat and doing all that sh-t, that sh-t hurt – killed G-Unit!” he said on Drink Champs.

He continued, “You stopped seeing the candy cane tank tops and all that sh-t. All that, the whole G-Unit/Mark Ecko, the shoes, that sh-t died. That sh-t was a hot commodity at once, G-Unit clothing. N-ggas was wearing the sweats, headbands, the masks, everything. That sh-t died, bro. So they had to pay me. I should have asked for more but them n-ggas gave me a million. But I’m a hood n-gga, a million dollars to stop saying this word?! Where the check? They wrote the check and I stopped saying it.”

Was it worth the check?

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