The Game Said He & Kanye West Being ‘Brothers’ After He Lost A Rap Battle

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The Game said Kanye West has been a close friends ever since he lost a rap battle to him at a party.

“So yeah, me and Ye we end up freestyling outside of [the party] … my sh-t was all gangsta, but Ye had the punchlines and he had the women; so he beat me that night. So ever since then me and Ye we’ve been locked in,” he said on the All The Smoke podcast per HHDX.

People had been wondering whether they got close because Wack 100 once claimed he had an unreleased sex tape featuring Kim Kardashian.

He continued, “That been my brother throughout Hip Hop,” Game said. “Ye did more for me in my career in the last two weeks than Dre did my whole career. One thing Dre did was sign me, but Dre signed the hottest n-ggas in Compton. It didn’t matter who was gonna sign me I was gonna be the next n-gga. So as far as Dre and Jimmy Iovine signing me to Aftermath and Interscope they also did themselves a favor cause they had picked up where 2Pac left off in signing me.”

Kim denied the tape existed.

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