The Game Recalls Seeing A Dead Body For The First Time

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The Game recalled the first time he saw a dead body for the first time…when he was 5!

“It was just a drive-by shooting. Somebody got hit. They were just laid out and we were outside playing. Of course, people are always like…Some people run left, away. And other nosey ass people come towards the, you know, whatever happened. So, me and my homies was outside playing…We were throwing the football in the street…We just walked down there, and it was like so-and-so got shot,” he said.

He says he’s seen a lot more.

“The craziest one I ever seen is probably, I seen two Spanish dudes get shot in a Buick Regal. Two bullet holes in the back window, both dead and one of them’s eyeball was stuck…Remember how the old locks used to be, where you could pull them up? His eye was stuck in that. And I could just remember wanting to, like, lift his head up out of that. Because it was a f-cked-up way for people to see you, you know. I remember feeling real bad about that. Yeah, I seen tons of murders and sh-t.”

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