The Game GETS DISRESPECTFUL: Comments On Eminem Daughter Hailey Bikini Pics & SHOOTS HIS SHOT!

The Game released his new album Drillmatic yesterday – and to promote it – he’s ratcheting up his beef with Eminem, Media Take Out has learned.

The Game

Back in April, Game claimed he was a far better MC than the Detroit rapper, and he hasn’t stopped trolling Eminem since.

Now The Game is getting extra disrespectful, bringing Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade into his spat with the rapper.

It all started on Wednesday, when boxer Peter Quillin shared pictures of Hailie on Facebook, including pictures of her in a bikini. “Eminem’s daughter Hailie, then and now,” wrote Quillin. “P.S. she is 26.”

The Game slid into the comments of the post. “Can she rap?” he wrote. He later made other comments towards the young woman suggesting that he was interested in possibly having a romantic relationship with her, Media Take Out confirmed.

His remarks blew up, getting 3,700 likes and 900 replies. Of course, Eminem’s fans were having none of Game’s trash-talking. “Maybe not but she’s more relevant than you and your career,” wrote one fan, who continued to reference Eminem’s beef with Machine Gun Kelly. “Look at the last artist that talked about Em’s daughter you’ll be next.”

The Game has had a bone to pick with Eminem for a minute now. In March, he claimed Eminem was overrated. “Eminem is Eminem, I like Eminem,” he said. “He’s one of the f**king good MCs, great MCs. I used to think Eminem was better than me. He not, he’s not. Challenge it.” He continued to disparage Eminem months later, saying, “When have you ever heard Eminem in a club? When have you ever heard it in the locker room? And I’m not taking away from that, I don’t hear Eminem in the streets. I just don’t.”

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