The Game: Dre Didn’t Do Any Beats On The Documentary

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The Game claims Dr. Dre has never produced a beat from him in his career.

“Dre didn’t do any beats on The Documentary. But I didn’t say he didn’t oversee it. You want Dre to oversee anything, ’cause he’s a mastermind when it comes to that. But as far as doing a beat for The Documentary? No. And I’ve never had a Dre beat in my career,” he said on Fresh Pair.

The Game recently claimed Kanye West has done more for his career than Dre. Could this be why?

The Game says that Dre used other producers to create for him.

The LA rapper continued, “And again, with all the influence and all the appreciation that I have for Dr. Dre, the fact is the fact. So you know, a bunch of dope producers that Dre had under him or whoever, Scott Storch, the Just Blazes, the Swizz Beatzs, the Timbalands, helped me put together my classic album.”

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