The Game Denies Fans Claims That He Fell Off

In a recent interview, The Game was asked about claims made by his fans that he had fallen off.

“That shit don’t never f-ck with me ’cause you got to understand where it’s coming from. You got somebody that’s at the bottom of their grandparent’s house in the comments saying you fell off. Like, who the f-ck are you to be able to hate on my music, hate on me or hate on my career?” he told Adam22.

He added: “You gotta be zoomed the f-ck in, and you gotta be listening, so like everybody, you could do what you want on my page and on my socials. I don’t really give a f-ck. It’s thug life.”

Last week, fans dragged him on social media for getting a woman to dig through the trash and drink out of a cup in exchange for some Balenciaga shoes.

“You gotta dig in the trash can, the first thing you find food-wise, you gotta eat it,” he told her…and she did.

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