The Game Calls Out DJ Akademiks On Clubhouse: That Muthaf*cka Is Uncle Ben!!

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Wack 100, 6ix9ine, Akademiks and The Game were chopping it up on Clubhouse about Lil Durk’s violent lyrics. The talk then turned to whether or not Durk would ever “slide” on anyone.

6ix9ine is always claiming Durk would never “slide” for Von.

“I’m sittin’ here listening and Akademiks, you made some fucked up points,” he said. “This sh-t…you sayin’ the rap sh-t ain’t the streets sh-t. N-ggas been smoked…rappers, regular n-ggas, street n-ggas […] Since Biggie and Pac died, this sh-t been rap and street sh-t,” he said.

“Bro, y’all better get off this, get from behind the muthaf-ckin’ computer screen and catch a bullet or something to know this for real.”

Later on, Wack asked The Game why AK receives so much heat when other platforms cover the same content.

“Cause that n-gga Akademiks, that muthaf-cka is Uncle Ben. He on front of the rice, n-gga that’s why. You go to Shade Room, it ain’t no face on Shade Room, you don’t know who runnin’ that. The n-gga Akademiks sh-t is Akademiks.”

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