The D.O.C. Says He Was Nearly Taken To Jail On The Night Of His Car Crash!!

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Wets Coast rapper The D.O.C. says he was nearly taken to jail on the night of the car crash where he almost died.

30 mins before the crash, he was pulled over by the cops but they did arrest him even though he had drugs in his system.

“The night of the accident, it was like a 24-hour period where I had tried both cocaine and ecstasy,” he said. “And then it just quit working when I was driving home.”

When the rapper was asked whether he wished the officers had detained him that night: “I did that for about 30 years. But here recently, I understand that those officers were just a part of that time. Had they taken me to jail, I wouldn’t be here where I am right now today. Now, I have insight into an understanding that allows me to help a lot of other people who are in that same space,” he told HHDX.

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