The D.O.C. Says Art Is Imitating Life In Rap Now

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The D.O.C. says that the rap game has reached a place where art is imitating life.

“I think we’ve reached a level where art is imitating life, instead of the other way around,” he told HHDX. “It’s unfortunate, but it’s the season. I think it is incumbent upon us [OGs] at this stage in the game to look inward a little bit and sort of course-correct, and get back to making that stuff about something really positive as a structure, I mean, with the kids. It’s really difficult from my perspective to pinpoint why it’s gotten so out of control. We’re at the point where we can really engage that reality and begin to do something about it.”

Several rappers have ended up in jail or prison over the past year. Last week, the cops scooped up Young Thug and Gunna and slapped them with RICO charges.

“I think things like that are sort of already in the air and growing,” he continued. “A lot of things like that are already in play, in space. I see it, you know what I mean? I do it personally, so everything is going to build in its own time and turn out the way it’s supposed to, but that’s absolutely happening right now.”

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