Teyana Taylor Divorce To IMAN Gets Messy … He’s An ’Abusive Narcissist’!!

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Last month, Media Take Out broke the news that Teyana Taylor and husband former NBA player Iman Shumpert were divorcing. Well now we have more details, and it’s pretty messy.

Teyana filed to divorce the former NBA star in January of this year, waaaay before they announced a separation.

In the divorce lawsuit, Teyana accusing Iman of being jealous of her fame and feeling insecure about being good enough for her- even though he was earning a lot more playing basketball than she could ever dream of making in music.

Iman Shumpert

Teyana claims Iman would grow annoyed when they would attend public events together, and the paparazzi would ask for him to step out of frame.

Here’s what TMZ is reporting:

She says when Iman signed a $40 million contract with the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015, the same year he was also paid $8 million by the New York Knicks, he remained aggravated by her notoriety, jealous of her acting career and insecure about being her man.

Teyana claims that’s when Iman started sending her negative text messages with condescending and manipulative language in response to her being in the spotlight. She claims he would pick fights with her for no reason, even on her birthday, and then apologize.

Her lawsuit alleges that Iman, “treati[ed] her cruelly and display[ed] extreme narcissistic behavior throughout the majority of their marriage.”

Teyana tried to help fix her marriage by “intentionally dim her light for her husband to try to have a harmonious and peaceful marriage.” She did this, according to Teyana, by turning down music opportunities and acting gigs because Iman “did not want her to work.”

But it only made things worse. Teyana says when she stopped working after giving birth to one of their kids, Iman complained about her not making money.

Teyana says she fought to keep their family together despite Iman “being extremely emotionally and mentally abusive towards her.” She says she used her connections to get Iman gigs in Hollywood as his NBA career wound down, but says he “unfortunately insisted on bickering” to the point where in 2021 she began the divorce process.

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