Jonathan Majors Allegedly Beat Blonde GF Grace Jabbari After Caught Cheating w/ Meagan Good (EXPLOSIVE)

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Yesterday was a BLOCKBUSTER day in the trial of Marvel actor Jonathan Majors. The actor is currently on trial for allegedly abusing his former girlfriend – blonde model Grace Jabbari, Media Take Out has reported.

Now it appears that his current GF Meagan Good may be dragged into the mess.

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According to prosecutors, Jonathan BASHED Grace in the head, after she allegedly caught him texting with another woman – possibly Jonathan’s new girlfriend, actress Meagan Good.

Meagan was in court with Jonathan – and sat in the front row as she listened to prosecutors explain – in brutal detail – how her boyfriend allegedly beat the last woman in his life.

Media Take Out learned that Meagan sat emotionless as she heard how Jonathan repeatedly beat his tiny blonde GF – in an effort to “cover up his infidelity & establish control.”

In his opening statement, prosecutor Michael Perez of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office said that Majors beat up Jabbari to ‘cover up his infidelity’.

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He told the jury of three men and three women: ‘Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior that betrays an intimate partner’s trust and has historically taken place behind closed doors. It can take many forms.

‘A derogatory comment, throwing things at a wall, withholding love and affection and physical abuse.

‘Abusers use it as a tool to dominate, manipulate and instill fear in their intimate partners so they can have all the power and exercise all the control.

‘Its forms may be ever so slight but the psychological and physical effects of domestic violence take a devastating and immense toll on the victims.

‘On March 25th 2023, the defendant, Jonathan Majors, committed domestic violence against his then romantic partner Grace Jabbari when he used physical violence to manipulate her, control her and physically hurt her.

‘The defendant over the course of relationship with Grace Jabbari used a cruel and manipulative pattern of psychological and physical abuse that culminated in the tragic end of their relationship’.

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Then he explained what happened.

Perez said that a message from a person called ‘Cleopatra’ ‘popped up’ on Majors’ mobile phone. It’s being speculated that “Cleopatra” was actress Meghan Good.

There was a reference to a song by the rapper D’Angelo called ‘Lady’ and a message which read: ‘I wish I was kissing you.’

Perez said: ‘Stunned when she saw the message Grace grabbed the defendant’s phone to see if her partner of two years, the man she loved, spoke to her of grand plans for marriage and kids, had betrayed her.

Perez said that Majors began ‘squeezing Ms Jabbari’s body’ and took hold of her right arm and ‘twisted it behind her back’.

He ‘grabbed and squeezed her hand’, specifically her right middle finger.

Perez said: ‘Suddenly as Grace tried to read the messages, the assault continued’, adding that Majors ‘struck a blow across the right side of her head’.

Jabbari was left ‘paralyzed’ and Majors was able to grab his phone. The car stopped on the other side of the bridge and Majors got out.

Meagan heard all this …. emotionless.

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