Terrence Howard Says He Reinvented Physics, Wants To Use ‘New Hydrogen’ Tech To Help Africa

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Actor Terrence Howard is either a genius or a crazy person, and we haven’t decided which yet.

The Empire actor made some astonishing claims recently while on a trip to Uganda, Media Take Out has learned. According to Terrence, he’s developed a new form of Physics that will allow him to do amazing things, which he claims will benefit Africa.

Terrence claimed that while studying chemical engineering at Pratt Institute, he came across a mathematical “inconsistency” that inspired him to seek out a fresh approach to understanding how the universe works. He now wants to use a “new hydrogen technology,” Media Take Out confirmed, to help the country of Uganda defend itself.

During a visit to Uganda, Terrence Howard said,

“I went out to explore a new way of understanding how the universe worked and I was able to define the grand unified field equation they’ve been looking for. I was able to define the grand unified field equation they’ve been looking for, and put it into geometry, and with that geometry I was able to put props on that.”

He continued,

“What I’m saying is, now we have invented a new form of flight that I would like to bring here to Uganda to replace the drones, to replace the helicopters, to replace the planes. We have all the funding necessary. What we need is just a fertile ground on which to build this. This is the geometry of hydrogen. This is the proton itself. Any bond that hydrogen can make, our lynchpins are able to make. We’re talking about unlimited bonding. Unlimited predictable structures, supersymmetry, and the lynchpins are now able to behave as a swarm, as a colony that can defend a nation, that can harvest food, that can remove plastics from the oceans, that can give the children of Uganda, the people of Uganda, an opportunity to spread this and to sell these products throughout the world so we’re no longer just selling agricultural products and pieces from the land.”

Listen to Terrence explain what he has planned:

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