Terrence Howard Claims He Remembers Being Born!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Terrence Howard appeared on The Joe Rogan Podcast, where he made several shocking statements, including that he remembers the day he was born.

The episode lasted three hours and the Empire star said he remembers being in his mother’s womb, being born and circumcised.

“I was about six months, maybe, inside the womb,” Howard said. “And I’m like, “Okay, don’t forget I’m here, don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget.” You go to sleep. You wake up again.”

The actor also claimed he can “kill gravity.”

“We’re about to kill gravity. We’re about to kill their God, gravity, and they don’t want that,” Howard told Rogan. He then showed a video demonstration of a method involving “linchpins” to remove gravity from Saturn. According to Howard the force shapes the planet’s rings and hexagon without dark matter or energy.

” Gravity is caused by electric force electricity, a claim that, while obliquely true, appeared to not be based in reality. Gravity is always seeking a higher pressure condition,” he explained.

“It spins Northeast [and] is trying to get to the center of an area – the center of a cone. But the next electric wave is coming so it gets pushed out,. And as it’s pushed out… instead of it spinning northeasterly – centripetally – it’s forced to spin centrifugally. And it spins southwesterly and it expands itself out.”

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