Tee Grizzley Reveals How He Beat Robbery Charge

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Rapper Tee Grizzley revealed how he helped beat a robbery charge.

The rapper was released from prison in October 2016 after he was sentenced to up to 15 years in prison for several robberies at Michigan State University while he was a freshman at the college.

“I didn’t think I was getting out,” Grizzley told Gillie Da Kid and Wallo 267. “Man, look I got n-ggas in there telling me, ‘You better take ten years if they try to give that to you.'”

He continued, “They say we armed cause of the sledgehammer right? So I get in the law book. First thing I see I go to that type of shit, and they say, ‘You can only consider something a weapon if they use it to threaten somebody and demand something.’ I ain’t never told nobody I was gonna hit them with the hammer. I ain’t raised nobody or nothing. So they can’t say that that’s a weapon.”

Should he have studied law instead on becoming a rapper?

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