Tay-K Tweets For A ‘Second Chance’ From Prison

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Rapper Tay-K, who was sentenced to 55 years in prison, pled for a second chance in a series of tweets from behind bars.

Tay-K was sentenced to 55 years in prison in 2019 for his role in a 2016 murder.

Tay-K 47, real name is Taymor McIntyre went on trial for capital murder for his alleged involvement in the robbery that left Ethan Walker fatally shot and another man wounded. Despite being just 16 at the time of the shooting, Tay stood trial as an adult.

“I really just need 1 chance @ adulthood,” he tweeted.

“I bet if I was a lil white kid they wouldn’t have gave me no 55 years for a crime I was alleged to play the most insignificant role in when I was 16….they woulda rightfully argued that my mind wasn’t fully developed and gave me rehabilitation and a 2nd (1st) chance at adulthood.”

He added: “one of my codefendants was a white girl who was 16 jus like me…they didn’t certify her as an adult but they certified me n pimp as adults, pimp got 30, I got 55, she ended up getting 10 years of probation without no deal…that girl @ home rn.”

Should he be given a second chance?

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