Taxstone Says Gunna DID SNITCH On YSL

Lyndon Abioye |

Taxstone hopped on Twitter to clarify whether Gunna snitched on Young Thug and the YSL crew…Taxstone says she did snitch.

“Offering unknown information in a criminal investigation that can help the governments case is snitching. What’s so hard about understanding that,” he tweeted. “This is not a complex thing there no dry snitching or wet snitching. If you tell the cops something that can help there case get closed you Told,” he added.

“So yes Gunna Told the moment he admitted that YSL was a gang when it’s a record label. Why would you agree with the government that YSL was a gang ? That’s what they’re trying to prove.”

Gunna has always denied snitching. He took an Alford plea and walked free from prison after admitting to a judge in court that YSL is a gang and that he had witnessed criminal activities.

Gunna was sentenced to five years with one served in prison. The four-year sentence was “suspended” with Gunna left to carry out 500 hours of community service.

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