Tasha K Says She Plans To File Bankruptcy AGAIN … After Kevin Hart Lawsuit!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Last month, comedian Kevin Hart filed a lawsuit against controversial blogger Tasha K – claiming that she attempted to extort him.

As you’ll recall, Tasha K was recently sued by Cardi B for defamation and ordered to pay her $4 Million. Tasha K attempted to file bankruptcy to avoid paying Cardi, but a judge refused to allow a bankruptcy to avoid her paying that suit.

Now Tasha K appears to be hoping to file for Bankruptcy again. Media Take Out confirmed that the blogger took to Twitter to look for a Bankruptcy lawyer in California.


Kevin Hart’s lawsuit against Tasha, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, accuses Tasha K of spearheading a scheme to extort Hart out of $250,000 by threatening to run an interview with his former personal assistant Miesha Shakes. According to the complaint, Shakes made false statements during the conversation that included Hart facing criminal charges over recording a sexual encounter.

In the suit, Hart claims that an unidentified affiliate of Kebe reached out to him in November stating that an interview damaging to his reputation would be published unless he paid a $250,000 ransom. The actor refused to pay, contacted law enforcement and sent a cease-and-desist to Kebe, according to the complaint. In the letter, Hart’s lawyers warned her that any damages she’s forced to pay as a result of her alleged misconduct won’t be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

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