Tasha K DENIES Sleeping With Wack 100

Lyndon Abioye |

Tasha K responded to Wack 100 alluding to them sleeping together during her No Jumper interview.

Tasha says she had never even heard of Wack until his interview with R. Kelly hit the internet.

According to Tasha K, one of Wack’s exes reached out to her to spill some tea…

“His ex-girlfriend, who I guess he cheated on his wife with, hit me. She was like, ‘I’m the one who took that picture of him, you know, laying on his diabetes belly and his ass was up.’ She says she put three fingers in his ass. We got the Winos calling him three-finger Wack,” she claimed.

She accuses Wack of trying to intimidate her by trying to get an office next to hers. Tasha K says she was not scared.

“What am I supposed to be scared of you? N-gga I will come outside and let you do whatever you wanna do to me and then I’m gonna have them crackers waiting on your ass.”

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