Tamika Scott Puts Sister LaTocha On Blast: You Are EVIL!!

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The beef between Xscape member LaTocha Scott and her sister, Tamika Scott continues…and this week, Tamika put her sister and brother-in-law on blast for allegedly stealing $30,000 from her.

“YouTube:The Real Tamika Scott! God knows I didn’t want to do this. This is not about the money you stole from me. Because I forgave you! Sis, you’re continuously sitting on all your interviews Lying & saying I’m looking for a storyline and attention knowing y’all stole my money!!” she wrote.”

LaTocha and her husband, Rocky, have denied stealing any funds from Tamika, but Tamika is insistent on the fact that they did.

She continued, “Trying to make people think I’m crazy and that I’ve lost my mind. And for your husband to call Sprint acting like he was my ex husband with my social security getting the passcode to my phone and changing it in 2006, Getting access to my text messages, pictures and videos and trying to extort me!!!! Oh yeah all of this is documented! Y’all are EVIL!!!!! The other day you said on @foxsoul Coctails With Queens you were going to give me my 30K you stole so you need to keep your word!! Run me my check!!! I’m tired!!”

Watch her response to the denials below.

Since the fallout, it has been reported that Xscape has parted ways as a group. Can they repair the rift?

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